How to Hack Facebook Passwords and Accounts

Easily hack facebook account with no downloads, software or free surveys.

Facebook hacker instructions

We can hack facebook password with guaranteed results every time. We provide full proof and there are no surveys or fake downloads. We can instantly hack facebook accounts and will email you back within hours of requesting. People ask us to hack facebook for different reasons such as an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend, competitors, colleagues or family. We know the best methods to hack facebook for free or for a fee and have a very high success rate.

How our system works

Scroll down and fill out our submission form, this gives us all we need to begin to hack facebook password. We need your normal email address, the facebook account you want to hack and a fake anonymous email address. We ask that you make a fake account as this is where we send the proof we have hacked the account. This keeps our customers safe from the victim finding out it was you who hacked them. We will email your normal address after few hours (up to 24hours). From there we will tell you to login to the fake mail you created. There will be the proof we have the facebook password.

The person we hack will never know you have access to their facebook account. After we get access to their account, we disable all notifications that someone has logged into it from other location. Our hacking methods also do not cause the account to get locked by facebook. We will also give you full details on how to login with their password anonymously. If they do change their password for any reason within 30 day, we will hack again free of charge.

How do we hack the account?

In 2010, they launched their own free facebook email service to rival Gmail. We managed to find a security hole in this service which means we are able to hack facebook accounts.

Every account has two emails attached to it, your normal email you signed up with as well as an automatically created address. For example, if your facebook address is then your email is

You can find this by going to your settings.

(NOTE: facebook stopped showing the facebook email in your settings in 2017, but the service is still active)

We are able to hack this email password, which is the same password to login to their facebook account.

How do we provide proof?

We always send proof before you pay anything. We do not hack facebook password for free so please do not ask us. After you have made an order, our system we automatically begin to hack facebook. Once we have the password, we will login to their facebook email account and send an email to you.

In order to stay anonymous and so they don’t know you are trying to hack their account, we ask that you create a new fake anonymous address at

We will email your normal account when we have hacked them and tell you to check your account. You will see a message from their facebook address (eg. [email protected]) in your inbox. Please check the FROM address is their correct facebook address.

We will then send you payment instructions. Once you have paid, we will send you their current password.

Request to hack facebook passwords

Step 1
Go to:
Choose new address. Do not forget it. You do not need to register, just type a unique username in the login box to view the inbox.
Step 2
Go to the facebook profile page of the person you want to hack
Copy the website address (eg.
Step 3
Go here and submit the address you just made, your real email and the facebook address you want to hack:
Step 4
Once we have hacked the account (usually within 24 hours), we will send an email to your normal email address telling you to check your inbox. We will have sent the proof there. Please check your SPAM/junk folder daily.
Step 5
If you are happy with the proof and wish to proceed with payment, please reply from your normal email to the email we sent you. We will then send you payment instructions. We use a secure 3rd party payment service. We never ask for or see your card details. Once you have paid we will send you their login details. We will also send instructions on how to login anonymously.