Website Terms and Conditions

Our terms and conditions

1. Details of the parties entering into the contract

This agreement is hereby entered into between (hereinafter referred to as “we”, “us”, “hacking”, “our”) and Yourself hereinafter referred to as “Client”, “you”).

2. Representations and Warranties agrees to provide the client with hacking and Reporting Services (hereinafter referred to as “hacking”, “Optimised Content Marketing”) as described in our website. We are authorized to use the specific keywords and/or phrases for developing and improving the natural visibility of the Client’s site(s), in the search engines (Google and Bing).

3. Payment Terms

We only accept payments via bitcoins which is anonymous. We never ask for you credit card details.

4. Assignment of Specific Rights

For the purposes of receiving professional hacking services, Client agrees to provide the following:

  1. Give FTP and other back-end admin access to the web site to make changes to the site for the purpose of on-page optimisation.
  2. Permission to communicate directly with any third parties, e.g., your web designer, if necessary.
  3. Full access to existing website traffic statistics for analysis and tracking purposes.
  4. Client authorizes use of all client’s logos, trademarks, Web site images, content etc., for use in creating articles and any other uses as deemed necessary by for hacking.
  5. If Client’s site is lacking in textual content, Client will provide additional text content in electronic format for the purpose of creating additional or richer web pages. can create site content at additional cost to the Client. If Client is interested in purchasing content from, it can be provided at additional cost.

5. Non-Disclosure Agreement

At any time during or subsequent to contract period, client agrees to keep in strictest confidence and trust all of the confidential information to which the client has access. The client will not use or disclose the confidential information without the written consent of Client agree’s not to attack/criticize or any of its employees, associate’s or partner’s publicly (on public forums, blogs, social networks etc) at any time during or subsequent to contract period. Similarly client agrees not to seek for hacking advice on hacking forums, blogs, community groups or any social media in a way which brings bad name to the company or any of its employee’s, associate’s or partners. In case of breach of non-disclosure agreement, client agrees to pay a reasonable cost for damages.

6. When this contract comes to an end or Cancellation

This contract comes to an end when everything specified in the contract has been done. It can also end if there is a breach of contract and either party decides to cancel it. The contract can also be ended by mutual agreement of the parties involved in contract or when it becomes impossible to carry out the obligations specified in the contract like due to man-made calamities (riots, acts of terrorism, war etc) or natural calamities (like flood, hurricane, earthquake, volcanic eruption etc). Contracts can be cancelled with 30 days written notice after the initial 30 days.

7. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

Governing law means which country’s rule of interpretation and legal remedies applies in case of any dispute arising out of the contract. Jurisdiction means the place where your dispute will be heard. This Agreement (Contract) shall be governed by the laws of Britain and the British court in respect of any dispute or difference between the client and arising out of this Agreement (Contract). Any dispute or difference can also be resolved outside the court by appointing an independent third party (also known as arbitrator) on mutual agreement of the client and However in this case arbitrator’s decision is considered to be final and cannot be disputed or appealed in the court of law.

This contract is all inclusive however if there is a verbal or written agreement that exists between the two parties stated in this agreement, they will be reviewed separately. By agreeing to this contract in writing via letter or email you agree that you fully understand this contract, you are legally competent and authorized to enter into the contract and you agree to this contract on your ‘own free will’ without any undue influence, misrepresentation of facts or by mistake. You also represent and warrant to that you have no interest or obligation which is inconsistent with or in conflict with this agreement or which would prevent, limit, or impair’s performance of any part of this agreement. You agree to notify immediately if any such interest or obligation arises.